WoW Guides Update

Welcome to the WoW store.  this site was created by me, and with the help of a few friends we are aiming to turn this into one of the top information sources for the game.  everything will be included on this website so keep an eye out for what you are looking for. This site is still under construction as well so bear with us for a little while.

I spent most of the night going through reviews on official guides that were out there.  They all have the same thing in common.  they are great for newbies, but for people who already know the game, or are looking for new strategies, and maps to prepare for expansions, and what not.  they lack important information.

not to mention the downside.  Blizzard often updates the game so quickly that by the time the printed books hit the shelf, some of the information is already inaccurate.  With that in mind I would not recommend purchasing a hard cover strategy guides.  especially since there will be a huge patch release that’s going to alter some of the game play in the next two weeks.

With that said this sections new focus will be on unofficial guides you can find through click-bank.  However nothing will be posted in this section until myself, or my partners have had a chance to review the guide themselves.  there are a lot of people out there that just want to make a quick buck.  I’d rather see you get the most information for a quality price.  Not to mention find the sites that stay up to date on all the strategies, and information.

If there are any guides out there, or quick help programs you have been thinking about purchasing.  why don’t you send us a link to it.  we’ll bite the bullet pay the cash, and then let you know if it delivers on all of the promises they make on the over hyped sales page.


post it in a comment, or e-mail us at